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Synonyms: N-(N-(3,3-Dimethylbutyl)-L-α-aspartyl)-L-phenylalanine 1-methylester
CAS No.: 165450-17-9 EC No.:
Molecular Weight: 378.46
Molecular Formula: C20H30N2O5
M.p.: °C
Solubility in water: 12.6g/l
F.p.: °C
Structural Formula: neotame
Density: g/cm3




Neotame is a systheic sweetener usually formulated with sugar or other synthetic sweeteners such as AK, aspartame, sucralose, sodium saccharin or sodium cyclamate to get better taste. The recommended dosage of neotame is less than 30% of the total sweetness. In soft drinks, neotame can replace 25% sweeteners, not changing the products' recipe and remains the same taste.


Standard FCC IV or USP32 or JECFA
Assay (dry base) 98.0% to 102%
water 5.0% max.
resdue on ignition 0.2% max.
Loss on drying 0.50% max.
m.p. 81 to 84°C min.
Appearance White Powder

Standard Packaging

25kg/fibre or plastic drum

Packaging photos coming soon

Risks and Safety Information

Safe for land, sea and air transportation

No Hazard

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