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Monoaluminum Phosphate Binder


Synonyms: Mono-aluminum (aluminium) phosphate; Aluminum (aluminium) phosphate monobasic; Aluminum (aluminium) dihydrogen phosphate; Aluminum tri(dihdrogen phosphate)
CAS No.: 13530-50-2     EC No.: 236-875-2
Molecular Weight: 317.94
Structural Formula: monoaluminum phosphate formula
Solubility: miscible in water.


Industrially, monoaluminum phosphate binder may be manufactured by acid-base neutralization process between high purity aluminun hydroxide Al(OH)3 and phosphoric acid 85%. By controlling reactant's pH value, reaction can be managed at level that just one free proton is neutralized. The final products have two types: viscous liquid (aqueous solution) and solid powder. Reaction equation is given as follows:


Monoaluminum phosphate is industrally applied as high-temperature binder for ceramic, silicon steel & refractory material etc. Our product is specially designed for these purposes, widely accepted by major steel firms such as WISCO, TISCO and Panzhihua Iron & Steeland and many refractory manufactures.

  50% aqueous solution High-P aqueous solution Powder Grade
Al2O3 8.0%~9.0% 8.2%~8.7% 15%~17%
P2O5 32.0%~34.0% 34.5%~36.0% 63~67%
Fe2O3 0.01% max. 0.01% max. 0.02% max.
Specific Gravity 1.467-1.470 1.50-1.60 -
pH value ~1.2 ~0.85 1.4~2.0
Appearance Colorless sticky liquid Colorless sticky liquid white powder

15kgs per 10L can for liquid product
30kgs per 20L can for liquid product
300kgs per 200L drum for liquid product
1500kgs per 1000L IBC for liquid product
25kg/woven bags for powder product

Packaging of monoaluminum phosphate Binderaluminum dihydrogen phosphate powder packing

Although monoaluminum phosphate is a salt, it is still a corrosive substance with low pH value. It is regulated by UN as Acidic corrosive liquid without other sub-risks.
UN 3264, Class 8, PG III
R-Phrase: R34
S-Phrase: S1/2, S26, S45
For more information, please see MSDS

warning corrosive

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