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Phosphorus Pentoxide


Synonyms: diphosphorus pentaoxide; phosphoric anhydride; phosphoric pentoxide; Phosphorus oxide; Phosphorous pentaoxide; Phosphorous Anhydride; P2O5
De: Diphosphorpentaoxid   Es: Pentaóxido de difosforo   Fr: Pentaoxyde de diphosphore
CAS No.: 1314-56-3   EC #: 215-236-1   RTECS: TH3945000
CAS No.: 16752-30-6 (for P4O10)
Molecular Weight:  141.9446
Molecular Formula: O5P2
m.p.: 340 °C
b.p.: 360°C (sublimes)
Structural Formula: phosphorus pentoxide
Appearance: white power, very deliquescent, with pungent odor


Phosphorus pentoxide is prepared by burning elemental phosphorus P4 (yellow phosphorus) with sufficient supply of dry air: P4 + 5 O2 → P4O10 in furnace


1) Phosphorus pentoxide is a raw material to make phosphoric acid
P4O10 + 6 H2O → 4 H3PO4
2) To make phosphorus oxychloride: 6PCl5 + P4O10 → 10POCl3
(although 2PCl3+O2→2POCl3 is mostly applied on industrial scale)
3) To make metaphosphoric acid and polyphosphoric acid.
4) Phosphorus pentoxide is also applied as dehydrating agent, desiccant, antistatic agent, etc. See the following reaction:
P4O10 + RCO2H → P4O9(OH)2 + [RC(O)]2O
The desiccating power of P4O10 is strong enough to convert many mineral acids to their anhydrides, e.g: HNO3→N2O5; H2SO4→SO3; HClO4→Cl2O7.
5) Used as "Onodera reagent", a solution of P4O10 in DMSO, is employed for the oxidation of alcohols. This reaction is reminiscent of the Swern oxidation.


Items Specification
Phosphorus Pentoxide purity 99.0% min.
Insolubles in water 0.02% max.
Iron 0.002% max.
Heavy metals as Pb 0.01% max.
Arsenic 0.01% max.
NH4 0.01% max
Reducing substance(P2O3) 0.02% max.
Appearance white powder

Standard Packaging

200kg per 200L plastic drum, 16000kgs/20’FCL
Fiber drum, woven bag, supper sack are also available

Packaging photos coming soon

Risks and Safety Information

Dangerous! corrosive, very deliquescent, reacts vigorously with water, or water-contained substance, alkali, metals
UN 1807, Class 8, PG II
R-Phrase: R35 Causes burns
S-Phrase: S1/2, S22, S26, S45
For more details, please refer to MSDS.

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