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Potassium Nitrate for Glass Surface Strenghthening


Synonyms: KNO3
CAS No.: 7757-79-1
Molecular Weight: 101.10
Molecular Formula:
Structural Formula: potassium nitrate glass strenghening

m.p.:334 Deg. C.

b.p.: 400 Deg. C.

Specific Gravity: 2.109



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Used as a glass strengthening agent, specially for touch panel of cell-phone and tablet computer, as well as for optical glass, watch or clock glass, etc, where higher hardness of glass surface is required.

The strengthening mechanism: Glass is submersed in a bath containing potassium nitrate at about 300°C (572°F). This causes sodium ions in the glass surface to be replaced by potassium ions from the bath solution. These potassium ions are larger than the sodium ions and therefore wedge into the gaps left by the smaller sodium ions when they migrate to the potassium nitrate solution. This replacement of ions causes the surface of the glass to be in a state of compression and the core in compensating tension.

Customerized solutions for different applications available, please contact us for more information.


Purity 99.90% min.
Chlorides as Cl 0.01% max.
Carbonates as K2CO3 0.01% max.
Sulfates as SO4 0.005% max.
Loss on drying 0.06% max.
Water insolubles 0.01% max.
Iron (Fe) 0.002% max.
Sodium as Na2O 0.004% max.
Insolubles in water 0.01% max.
Appearance white crystalline power

Standard Packaging

25kgs/woven bag on pallets

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Risks and Safety Information

Regulated by UN as an oxidant (hazardous substance)

UN 1486, PG III

R-Phrase: R8 R22 R36 R37 R38

S-Phrase: S7 S16 S17 S26 S36 S41
For more information, please refer to MSDS.

Not hazard

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