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Ammonium Fluoborate


Synonyms: Ammonium Fluoroborate; Ammonium tetrafluoroborate; ammonium borofluoride
CAS No.: 13826-83-0

EINECS: 237-531-4
Molecular Weight: 104.84
Structural Formula: ammonium fluoborate
Molecular Formula: NH4.BF4
m.p.: 230 °C (decompose @110 °C)

Specific Gravity: 1.87
Solubility in water: Soluble, 25 g/100ml @ 25 °C


Ammonium fluoborate technical grade has the following applications:

1, To provide an inert atmosphere in soldering process to prevent oxidation of metal surface

2, A welding flux auxiliary for aluminum, copper and aluminum alloy, casting antioxidant for magnesium or Mg alloy

3,Applications in reagent, adhesive, catalyst, flame-retardant and etc.


Ammonium fluoborate content 98.0% min.
Phosphates 0.01% max.
Iron as Fe 0.05% max.
Heavy metals as Pb 0.1% max.
Chlorides 0.05% max.
Sulphates as SO4 0.1% max.
Silicates as SiO4 0.1% max.
Water solubility test conform
Appearance white crystalline powder


Standard Packaging

25kg/fiber drum on pallet

bags on pallets

Packaging photo coming soon

Risks and Safety Information

Ammonium fluoborate is regulated as hazardous goods

UN3260 Class 8 Inorganic Corrosive Solid

Warning: Corrosive! Moisture Sensitive!

Stored in a cool and dry place.

Risk Phase: R36/37/38, R34

Safety Phase: S26, S36, S45, S36/37/39

For more information please refer to MSDS


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