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Bis(hexamethylene) triamine penta(methylene phosphonic acid)


Synonyms: BHMT; BHMTP; Gyptron KT-252
CAS No.: 34890-00-1
Molecular Weight: 685
Molecular Formula: C17H44N3O15P5
b.p. : °C




BHMT (BHMTP) is a high-efficient scale inhibitor especially for calcium sulphate and barium sulphate in high pH condition.


Items Specification
Appearance ambor liquid
Active Content 45% min.
Chlorides (as Cl) 6.0% max.
Iron (as Fe) 50ppm max.
pH Value (1% aqueous) 2.0 max.
Density( 20°C), g/cm3 1.20~1.30

Standard Packaging

250kgs net/200L polydrum; 1250kg/IBC; ISO Tank

200L drum for BHMT

Risks and Safety Information

BHMT (BHMTP) is regualated by UN as corrosive liquid, organic, N.O.S.
Hazard Class 8, UN 3265, PG III
For more information, please see MSDS

Warning, Corrosive!

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