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HFC-236fa (Hexafluoropropane)


Synonyms: 1,1,1,3,3,3-Hexafluoropropane (IUPAC), R-236fa;  Hydrochlorofluorocarbon 236; FC-236fa; FE-36
CAS No.: 690-39-1   EC No.: 425-320-1   RTECS No.: TZ4043332
Molecular Weight:  152.04
Molecular Formula: C3H2F6
Structural Formula: HFC-236fa (Hexafluoropropane)
b.p. (1 atm): -1.4°C
m.p.: -93.6°C
Vapor Pressure: 0.27Mpa @ 25°C
ODP: 0
GWP: 9400 (CO2=1)
Chemical and Physical properties: HFC-236fa is a colorless, odorless gas, stable in normal condition. Under high temperature, HFC-236fa emits poisonous gases such as HF, COx
(Note: 1,1,1,2,2,3-Hexafluoropropane: HFC-236cb; 1,1,1,2,3,3-Hexafluoropropane: HFC-236ea)


HFC-236fa is made by the process of …


HFC-236fa is used primarily as a fire suppression agent in portable extinguisher, a foaming agent, a refrigerant, a heat-transfer medium, a dielectric gas, a sterilant carrier, a polymerization medium, a carrier fluid, a thermodynamic power cycle working fluid, etc.


Items Specification
HFC-236fa purity, % 99.5 min
moisture, mg/kg 10 max
acidity, mg/kg 3 max
residues, % 0.01 max

Standard Packaging

1000kgs/926L welded steel cylinder, 13 Cylinders/FCL, or ISO Tank

Packaging of HFC-236fa

Risks and Safety Information

HFC-236fa is a non flammable, low toxicity (Inhalation, rat: LC50 >=475,000 ppm) compressed gas.
UN 1078
Class 2.2
PG: unknow
S-Phrase: S38
For more information, please see MSDS.

Warning: non-flammable gas

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