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Alkyl Glycidyl Ether (AGE 748), a reactive diluent for Epoxy resin


Synonyms: Alkyl (C12-14)glycidyl ether; Alkylglycidyl ether; Dodecyl and tetradecyl glycidyl ethers; AGE 748; "Epodil 748"

De: Alkylglycidylether; Es(Pt): Éter de alquil glicidilo; Fr: Éther alcoylglycidylique; Ru:Алкилглицидиловый эфир; Ja:アルキルグリシジルエーテル
CAS No.:68609-97-2 ; EINECS: 271-846-8
Molecular Weight: a mixture, not applicable
Molecular Formula: a mixture, not applicable

Structural Formula: C12-14 Alkyl glycidyl ether
Density: 0.89g/cm3
Boiling Point: >200 ºC
Flash Point: >90 ºC

Refractive index (20ºC): 1.447


Industrially manufactured by reaction between C12-14 alkyl alcohol and epichlorohydrin


C12-14 Alkyl glycidyl ether, as a reactive diluent, is used to lower viscosity of liquid epoxy resin. Application scenario includes expoxy flooring, concrete maintenance, epoxy embedding, composite laminating, and winding–forming etc.


Appearance colorless transparent liquid
Color (APHA) 20 max.
Viscosity (25 ºC), mPaS 4~10
Epoxide Equivalent, g/Eg 294~313
Epoxy Equivalent Value, Eq/100g 0.32~0.34
Hydrolyzable Chloride 0.15% max.
Inorganic Chloride, mg/kg 20 max.
Moisture 0.10% max.

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Risks and Safety Information

AGE 748 not regulated by UN as hazardous goods.

Caution: Irritant

Risk Phrases: R38,R40,R43

Safety Phrases: S2, S23, S24, S26, S36, S37

RTECS: RR0562500

Please store in a cool and good-ventilated place.

Avoid ignition, heat, flame and direct sun-light.


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