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Epoxy Diluent 746, (EHGE) (2-Ethyhexyl Glycidyl Ether)


Synonyms: EHGE; iso-octyl glycidyl ether; isooctyl glycidyl ether; ; "Epodil 746"
CAS No.:2461-15-6 ; EC No.:
Molecular Weight: 186.29
Molecular Formula: C11H22O2

Structural Formula: 2-EHGE expoxy diluent
Density: 0.891g/cm3
Melting Point: -ºC
Boiling Point: 118~120 ºC
Flash Point: 206 ºF

Refractive index (20ºC): 1.4344~1.4354


2-ethylhexyl glycidyl ether can be obtained by reaction between isooctanol and epichlorohydrin


2-ethylhexyl glycidyl ether is used as low-volatility diluent for liquid expoxy resin to reduce system viscosity and improve processing ability. Suitable for epoxy embedding, casting, coating and dipping process in electrical equipment, floor material, concrete repairing material, filling material etc.


  746 746P
Appearance colorless transparent liquid, no irritant smell colorless transparent liquid, no irritant smell
Color (APHA) 30 max. 20 max.
Purity 99.0% min. -
Viscosity (25 ºC), mPaS 2~8 max. 1~5 max.
Epoxide Equivalent, g/Eg 223~250 186~200
Epoxy Equivalent Value, Eq/100g 0.40~0.45 0.50~0.54.
Hydrolyzable Chloride, Eq/100g 0.01 max. 0.01 max.
Inorganic Chloride, Eq/100g 0.005 max. 0.02 max.
Moisture 0.1 max. 0.1 max.

Standard Packaging

20kg/can, 180kg/drum, 900kg/IBC

Packaging photos coming soon

Risks and Safety Information

2-EHGE is not regulated by UN as hazardous goods.


S26, S37/39

RTECS: TZ3300000

Store in a cool dry and well-ventilated space. Keep away from ignition sources, heat, flame and sunlight

No Hazard

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