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1H,1H,5H-Octafluoro-1-Pentanol (OFP)


Synonyms: OFP; Octafluoropentanol; 1H,1H,5H-Octafluoropentane-1-ol; 2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5-Octafluoro-1-pentanol; NSC 114
CAS No: 355-80-6
EC No.: 206-593-4
Molecular Weight: 232.07
Molecular Formula: C5H4F8O
Structural Formula: 1H,1H,5H-Octafluoro-1-Pentanol (OFP)
M.p.:<-50 °C
b.p.: 141~142 deg. C
f.p.: 75 deg. C
Density: 1.667 g/ml
Solubility in water: insoluble




1H,1H,5H-Octafluoro-1-Pentanol (OFP) is applied as dye solvent in CD-R(W) and DVD-R(W) industry


Items Specification
Purity 99.0% min.
Moisture 0.012% max.
Appearance clear, colorless liquid

Standard Packaging

25kgs, , 50kgs, 250kgs/200L iron drum

Packaging photos coming soon

Risks and Safety Information

1H,1H,5H-Octafluoro-1-Pentanol (OFP) is not regulated by UN as hazardous substance

Risk Phrase: 36/37/38
Safety Phrase: 26-37/39

No Hazard

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